1. Nas Says "Bring Back Arsenio!"

    Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 8:59 AM by User 5 Comments

    The party is back! September 9, 2013 Arsenio returns to television!

  2. In his latest project, Shells began creating street signs with rap lyrics and placing them at the actual location that inspired the lines. Nas' You Wouldn't Understand lyrics has been featured in the project.

  3. Last week, celebrities gathered in New York City for The Amy Winehouse Gala celebrating the life of the late songstress. The Gala also honored Nas and Tony Bennett.

  4. This year, Whistler offers up a 10-day program of music concerts spanning a vast variety of genres to feed your soul and support your wallet. Nas has been added to the lineup, performing live on Saturday, April 13.

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