1. Competition is at the heart of hip-hop, an art form where each rapper wants to be better than the next. And there was never a better opportunity for a rapper to prove his or her worth than the posse cut, which is all about strategizing the freshest way to stand apart.

  2. A new hip hop festival named ‘Movement’ has just been announced, to be curated by New York rapper Nas, and launching in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth this April, featuring a lineup of international and Australian talent.


    The Mets Annouced Nas Performing Live Following The Mets vs The Philadelphia Phillies Game on July 17, 2013 at Citi Field! Nas will kick off the 203 Mets Concert series along with Foreigner, O.A.R., and Third Eye Blind! Tickets for this special event on sale today!
  4. Complex: The 50 Best Nas Verses

    Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 2:43 PM by User 0 Comments

    If there's ever been a rap artist as celebrated for his lyrics as Nasir Jones, we haven't heard him. Whether you were there from "Live at the BBQ" or jumped on board with Illmatic, whether you were first exposed when "Oochie Wally" hit radio or when he beefed with Jay-Z, Nas has always been known first and foremost as a lyricist.

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