Car Pool #2

Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 3:32 PM By: KSOLO

Rick Ross devil in a red dress
it's been a Minute car pool and this Carolina weather out here feeling good.
Like spring, ah spring when new things began.
Learn to appreciate all seasons before they blend. If that went over your head start in revelations the end.
Got me feeling good so it's power 98 but not too much, sometimes these songs these days got me feeling outta touch!
My J's on ain't my favorite song. Trying to put my finger on what really made hip hop go wrong.
Back to Ricky Rose' and my mind can't help but wonder is the devil really a she?Thoughts start to ponder. The movie Bedazzled witty little movie yet captivated me!

Did she try to take over heaven as we run the house here on earth? Was she a women scorn that could not give birth? When she heard the news of hair like wool she curse all his descendants or anyone with skin of his resemblance.

Did she manage to sliver a Ménage à trois with Eve creating an explosion of lust who else comes to feed?
Was Adam clothed before God or did Eve now see that she no longer wanted to share the rib to eat, she should have been made from a tendon in his feet come walk with me.

The temptations Merry Christmas between the Christmas songs and the text messages I can't seem to escape. Sometimes I feel like a helicopter dropped my mind off on planet of the apes. Its a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under...The Message

Here is one of my most favorite place.... Tender and mild sleep in heavily peace. Go on and rest your mind. Blue with the deep Silent night! Temptations what a seasonal treat.

The grass is always greener on the other side if you don't stop to water your own. #liveyourlife be the king of your own throne.

Ce lo Green in his song Mary did you know, the part about Mary bearing a child,
Wow Imagine carrying Christ and how that would feel...

The wind just picked up strong as this thought came along

Who is to say Christ hasn't been born to you. Maybe not Christ but each child born a Miracle with just a enough hope and love to do.... Anything they choose.
What they don't get to choose is you, so be good to them for if your blessed to live a full life they may one day take care of you too!

Temptations will come but it is up to us to choose if we win or if we loose.

I hear the biggest trick is for Satan to seem as if he or she don't exist. Like the new shoes she hides in the trunk as she greets you with a kiss!

With out getting to religious the God I follow says there is good and there is evil. I plan on living my life so I can watch my grands live out the sequel.
Harvest now so your seeds will grow be careful what you harvest for your seeds will sow.

Wale kinda like this dude which is good because artist lately don't get me in the mood. Drop a hit and disappear.
Back to Wale he is pretty good but Mr. Jones he is not you! ( Forgive me car pooler's I had too!) :)

Let me tell you about last night... Who is on this song in car pool jamin' like I had four shots of patron. I'm loving it! remember when I said I was trying to find something to get into I was talking about you. Maybe this wasn't Wale song after all but he is still cool, that was four shots ago on to the next you go...

Wale, Drake, Kendrick, J Cole who will carry the torch next? Twenty years from now when my son is 25 and I'll be bridging the gap putting him on to some real rap.

Speaking of J Cole, Yo Gotti cold blood and I appreciate the music this station is playing today showing some love.

"In God we trust But its bucks that we worship, now
Boy that root of evil gonâ forever rule the people.."

Tell me now she ain't evil man the son of God look what she gave you sex , money and rock and roll too.
Wasn't she the keeper of music ? True!

Just my thought I thought I'd share with you!
The bell has wrong station now praising. Car Pool it has been fun gotta run. Until next time stay Blue from temptations... He seemed like a good dude :)

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