Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 10:15 AM By: sNacebrReAtHGdEMoTEON

Seventh floor, the Builder upstairs, He wraps slow

Surely fat yo, His Lines are classical

Aye Yo,


So with the oar owez

Resurrecting dead souls, strictly business

Building til anew baby borne with live fluid

I flow, driven by the ocean breeze, then we roll

That's one whole

Eye manifest western cities, trees, and Symbol for lease

Breathing in and out, they call me Ceres,

666 no matter where ya put it.

On a boat across the Black Cee

Tripping in LSD

Hoze sipping on diet coke

We expand buds like vitamin b and syrup gulps

We're pirates, yo

but they call him Yoda, as I soak her

I told ya, we own her,

Decipher fire beats with one trick as I stroke her

I treat furry bees with honey ceeds

B Maidens cleans my mouths full to say the least

I raze with my heart on the northeast

D.C., New York, DMV general-I-T

So fresh and so clean clean

Why be so mean mean

When we're the same thing thing

Bling bling, rivers of gold, oceans of jewels

Silver eagles soaring and adoring letters of truest knowledge

In 20 more years you'll B Free as college and

You'll cee me 7 niles deep above the Earth and Cees

Yo I Know you're ceen, I been away since 93,

B.u.t now I'm back

Breaking rules like Kalamazoo

We Way off the map

Probably find us in a zoo,

Speaking to a reflection thinking that it looks like poo,

Nah back to Master's Rules

Peace Allah I submit to Thee so that I may one day B A G.

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