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    On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 9:50 AM, GoodWillWallace said:

    "Right, right, what up niggas, how y'all? It's Nasty, the villain
    I'm still writing rhymes, but besides that I'm chillin'
    I'm trying to get this money, God, you know the hard times, kid
    Shit, cold be starving make you wanna do crimes kid
    But I'mma lamp, cause a crime couldn't beat a rhyme
    Niggas catching 3 to 9's, Muslims yelling "Free the mind"
    And I'm from Queensbridge, been to many places
    As a kid when I would say that out of town, niggas chased us
    But now I know the time, got a older mind
    Plus control a nine, fine, see now I represent mine
    I'm new on the rap scene, brothers never heard of me
    Yet I'm a menace, yo, police wanna murder me
    Heini Dark drinker, represent the thinker
    My pen rides the paper, it even has blinkers
    Think I'll dim the lights then inhale, it stimulates
    Floating like I'm on the North 95 Interstate
    Never plan to stop, when I write my hand is hot
    And expand a lot from the Wiz to Camelot
    The parlayer, I'll make ya heads bop, pa
    I shine a light on perpetrators like a cop's car
    From day to night, I play the mic and you'll thank God
    I wreck shit so much, the microphone'll need a paint job
    My brain is incarcerated
    Live at any jam, I couldn't count all the parks I raided
    I hold a Mac-11, and attack a reverend
    I contact 11 L's and max in heaven"

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