If I Ruled The World

Thu, May 9, 2013 at 8:29 AM By: Sondra

If I ruled the world,
NAS would be mine.
There would be no haters
or mass-murder crimes.
There would be one race.
We're all at the finish line.
Smoking good weed,
Toasting cherry wine.

We would need no heaters,
'Cause, we'd all get respect.
All we'd worry about is
Who to fuck next.
Yep, in my world,
There's a whole lot of sex.
Big dicks, nice chests
But like reality,
I'd fuck the best.

But, I'd only fuck NAS.
Remember, he's my man?
He'd fuck other girls though
'Cause I say he can ;-)
The blessed would have houses,
surrounded by sand.
We'd all live on the beach;
On one piece of land.

To get more out of life,
hard work would still be required.
You're provided with what you need,
But you have to grind to get what you desire.
Like in reality,
Dreams would have to be acquired
Because, if life were easy then,
who would we admire?

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