20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts

Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 6:00 PM

As we approach the 20th anniversary of Nas’ undisputed 5-mic debut LP Illmatic this April 19th, it’s important that we take time reflect on his greatness, and the amount of jewels he’s dropped on us during his double-decade (plus) career. Whether or not he’s made an album that’s ever topped Illmatic is debatable (most recently a rap scribe argued that It Was Written was stronger overall), but there’s no denying that he’s given us an overwhelming heap of hip-hop music to enjoy since he officially stepped foot in the game as a solo artist. And though a majority of our favorite Nas songs can be found on the dozen or so solo and collaborative projects that have hit the shelves since Illmatic’s release, he’s got a ton of mixtape classics too, many of which were never officially released.

To get into the #Illmatic20 spirit early, we dug deep into our archives to find 20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts (and a couple bonuses) from the past twenty years for our latest Mixtape Memories feature, equipped with original mixtape audio and artwork, courtesy of DJs like Clue, Doo Wop, S&S, Whoo Kid, Funkmaster Flex, and more. Read, listen, and download these below, and let’s all give a big salute to Nas! Thank you for everything you’ve given us these past twenty years, from the lessons to the leadership to the overall dopeness of your music. You’re more important to this culture than you’ll ever know, God.

20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts

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