1. Haitian Bell avatar

    On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 11:36 PM, Haitian Bell said:

    Clearly you are a trends setter in the ever-evolving art that is hip hop. Since the presentation of the Life is good album many notable attempts have been dropped in such ode to mastery . You compel others to best their best selves, daring, calling them to be better and different. The inspiration you exhibit through you words and actions are just what are children need to believe in their selves and dreams. Embraces ones experiences for what it is good or bad then channeling it into a #Wild rabbit chase to be better to never stop and never settle is the key to all our success's.
    You are not short of amazing, daring, humble, evolving, Man. Godson, King, God. I thank you, we all thank you for your work, ethics, and being. Side bar you know that picture is everything and more. Thanks for always staying clean, cause ah um you
    look good.

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