Shake The Dust- A New Documentary Executive Produced By Nas

Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 4:16 PM by User 3 Comments

It was recently announced that rapper Nas, also known as Nasir Jones, is preparing to debut his first project as executive producer of the upcoming documentary film, Shake The Dust.


The film, from journalist Adam Sjoberg, focuses on hip hop and break dancing while traveling across across the world, chronicling and capturing the stories of young hip-hop fans. Speaking of the project Nas stated, "What these kids are doing around the world reminds me why I fell in love with hip-hop and how important it is as a creative and constructive outlet.

After hearing Adam’s vision for this project and hearing the stories, I was incredibly excited to help bring the film to global audiences who need to hear this surprising message of empowerment." Along with serving as the executive producer for the film, Nas will also contribute original music for the film's soundtrack.