Watch Nas on Real Time With Bill Maher

Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 2:14 AM by User 0 Comments

Last Friday, Nas made his HBO debut, appearing on the weekly talk show Real Time With Bill Maher. Joining the esteemed discussion panel that featured journalist Carrie Sheffield, MSNBC's  television host Alex Wagner and host Bill Maher, the Queensbridge rapper briefly spoke on his timeless debut album, Illmatic, before sharing his views on the social problems that plague American culture.

Speaking in-depth, Nas addresses the serious problems of gun violence in impoverished neighborhoods across America and the noticeable influx of guns made available to the youth. Continuing the discussion, Nas discusses a number of topics including DeSean Jackson being released by the Philadelphia Eagles for his alleged gang ties, the recent Fort Hood shooting, the plight of inner-city living, Black Republicans and more.

Watch the video now.

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