Is it evolution or does it need a revolution?

Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 11:36 AM By: SlyBeGone

Now its obvious that there is some internal conflict within Hip Hop at present time, and I don't just mean Rosenberg calling out undercover pop artists. I've notice that within the Hip Hop community there is some major dispute about what true Hip Hop is and what it should be. I personally think we're moving forward from my high school days when morons were listening to Young Joc and other ringtone shit as if it was actually music. HHID marked a point that was a necessary step in the right direction for the genre, because in order treat a disease you have to diagnose it first. It was a realization for Hip Hop itself that some self reflection was needed. People started to question what they were listening to, the mainstream wasn't affected much, since the machine is good a adapting (except for the internet phenomenon of course). But this angry underbelly started to form, that just hated everything that the mainstream brought out as "Hip Hop", it became an extension of the underground. It used the net to vent its fury, praising older artists and slamming newer ones. Which in my opinion is what brought Em out of retirement, that and the Vibe article. This sub culture, Hip Hop anti-virus, has introduced many topics to the mainstream. Most notably the Illuminati conspiracy, that even Jay had to answer to eventually. My point is that even notable Hip Hop figures are being sucked into this mentality, thus the Nicky summer jam fiasco. Rosenberg and Flex calling out the mainstream. My question is, has this always been? Once the new industry starts to transfer into a new roster, does the old fan base look at it with disgust to this level? Did Run DMC, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane fans look at Tupac and Ice Cube as sellouts? Or has the machine consumed the genre to a point were content doesn't matter and gimmicks and repetition are just as easily passed off as original material? (the similarities between Nicky and Lil kim prove this to the point where its aery to even look at) Or is the music just evolving as it usually does every couple years? Does the net and new technology in general provide a voice to the fan thats never been there before, making his opinion much more apparent and relevant? Your Thoughts...

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    On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 5:28 PM, SkiriTheGerm said:

    This is what it is. Everything that hip-hop represents is much more than an evolution. The Game has changed with all this bullshit that be out there, but that's just one side. The other side of change comes from the real, comes from truth, which is what hip-hop is; a TRUTH. It's crazzy how it's getting to this point where niqqas is actually waking up from the 'Hard Knock Life and actually standing up to live it. Living real and recognizing whats real in this fake ass world. 'Life is Good, and it'll only get better, thanks to real niqqas like Nas, that does more then spittin on records. He throws his soul to his music, so we can feel what's going on. This is an evolution, but more of a revolutionary action and i'm moving to it. Who esle movin?

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    On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Favyana Nurayea said:

    Word Bravebird973 WOW!!!!! Well said!, I wholeheartedly agree.I mean a lot of this crap that's on the shelves is not now, nor should IT EVER BE considered Hip hop. Furthermore,I want nothing to do with anything that the Government has their """hooves""" in....... like FOX NEWS for starters, and FAR too many other things to even name. it is truly a shame however, to witness the direction of which Hip hop is being forced,/ pushed. To answer SLYBEGONE, I mean yes i think that the Daddy Kane, Rakim, MC Shan ,Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud, Kool G raps (to name only a few), fan base probably did look upon some of those newer artist in that time, as we are looking now lol. Lord Knows im wondering what's going on lol. I refuse though to accept it as musically evolving. I mean commercially? perhaps....but for someone who was born and raised on R&B, and hip hop, Accepting blandness as musical evolution is going to be very hard to swallow.

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    On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 11:16 PM, bravebird973 said:

    Its Propaganda like our government. Its about control and money, commerce. "I will bring you Nicki M she sells out. Commercial rap is easy and gets a quick buck! Change your image up and sing this song this way, its easy. Our Eric B & Rakim's Big Daddy Kane's will never be another alike. It was extremely hard for them they had to come correct come from the soul or go home. That's Hip HOp!! When Nas came out with Hip Hop is Dead" I nearly passed out literally. Let the truth be told. Wow! sacrificing yourself for an image is a sellout. Oh well! Nas stands to prove that's bullshyt and wasted energy!! Watch what else he does... Smart man.

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