Life is Good Because.........

Tue, May 7, 2013 at 8:15 PM By: keshay268

Dear Nasir Jones My Life is Good because I listen to your album Life Is Good.....Well the beginning of 2012 I was diagnose with a rare autoimmune disease which cause me to lose my vision. My first reaction was what's going to happen to my son, who's gonna take care of him? Will i ever see his beautiful smile again? I instantly went into a state of depression at 28 years old i felt my life was over. My doctors started prescribing me xanax, anti-depressant percocets for pain. I am not a big fan of taking pills so I just started smoking weed again.(i had quit when i was pregnant with my son ) Anyways I was going downhill fast I stayed home scared to go out in public because i couldn't make peoples faces out. I spent many nights crying thinking of what if I fall asleep and never wake up. I started having flashbacks of my life when we first live in bronx new york. My son and i birthdays are both in July so I decide to have a for him despite the depressive state of mind i was in. I made a phone call to my best friend told her my plans and during the course of the conversation she says to me Kesh you need to listen to Nas daughters song it reminds me of everything we use to do as teenagers. I'm like yea umm ok I wasnt trying to hear that. I was going through what i was going through and wasn't in my right state of mind. I sent my son to her house a few days after his birthday which was july 14 and when he came back he was singing bye baby. My son is 4 i was like Jay what are you singing? He said Nas I'm like you don't even know who that is. He said yes mommy he sings that song aunt dirah like. So I decided to go on iTunes and purchase Life is Good. Soon as no Introduction came on it instantly reminded me of the time i spent 161st in the bronx living in a 2 bedroom with like 10 other family members. Going to You wouldn't understand felt like you was telling my life story cause where I'm from and where i been people wouldn't understand where i been. On november 7 2012 I actually got to meet you in philly. I had my speech ready but due to the time and everybody that had vip we was in and out so i didn;t get to say my speech. But Nasir Jones I want to thank you for Life is Good and getting me out of my state of depression. After meeting you listening to Life is Good just showed me all the shit you went thru and you still screaming Life is Good.......Life is Good Because I am alive to see my soon grow into a wonderful young man!!! Btw I told my son I went to your show and showed him the picture he started crying cause he says he wants to meet you. Hopefully One day he will. Peace And Love Nas. P.s I need another album for the summer!!!

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