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so i was wondering if i could speak with mr jones, in 2012 on vevo made you look with slegh bell dj primier ect, i noticed that you were rapping on stage. well my name is natacha short for tasha, and over the air waves my name kept comming up.. there are alot of tashas in the world.. however there seems too be alot of coincedences evoling my first name in music. weird in fact.. things i do on a normal daily basis, some how is being written into a lot of rap songs. example red cafe and french matona, with p diddy had a song name let it go with my first name in it, statement was " next week im tachas" so i was wondering could it be me? if so thats awesome! if not that is okay as well. im just seeking the truth because i do exist. i hope this doesnt come off as a shock.. i just think that it made me feel cool. ive never been cool lol different in fact, but its still a nice thing that has been done. well thats all i wanted to say. I do realize theres more to meet they i but i shall be waiting.


natacha jenkins

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