How to Create Email Lists – Understanding Email Marketing

Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 7:41 AM By: Tarresa Muffet

In my previous post I had talked about the importance of email marketing. While many companies and businesses are now starting to realize the importance of explicit email marketing strategies, only a few place significant importance in composing their email lists. If you want to connect to your customers via email, the first step is to consolidate an email list. In most cases, businesses will have to start from scratch and then progress to bigger lists. Be warned, that creating email lists is not a job of few hours. The aim is to create a digital marketing channel that will enable easy broadcast of your message.

So how does one start? We suggest making use of technological tools in order to support gradual development. Initially, you may choose to start by inviting family and close friends or even colleagues on the list. With this as a basis, the website will start gaining traffic as more and more people participate. Work hand in hand with affiliate marketing tactics and other business related pages. Make use of incentives in order to attract traffic. As an alternative, cross promotions, regular participation in online discussion forums and establishing online presence in virtual communities is also equally important.

Remember, email is your gateway to engage your customers and not merely a tool to transmit information. Spamming is therefore not an option. Email lists therefore are your checklist for global interaction. There is no point of email marketing if your content fails cyber security and is unable to bypass the most common junk filters in email accounts. Also, if your email marketing strategy is based on a nettlesome subscription processes or fails to value the privacy of your customers, then the process loses its worth. One of the easiest ways to build email lists is to invite customers to share their email addresses for each transaction or initial visit that they make to your website. The same option may also be included in invoices. For more traditional businesses, encourage and train your staff to reach your most valued customers in the most effective manner such that they are able to elicit contact information for these lists.

Companies can also make use of media monitoring tools such as Google Alert, that enables tracking of those potential customers who are interested in your or similar product items. The results are surprisingly easy to analyse and the best part is that they are emailed directly to your inbox. The added benefit? – Your marketers do not have to go snooping around in order to identify their potential target market.

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