Email Auto-Responders – The Joyride of Viral Marketing

Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 7:55 AM By: Tarresa Muffet

In our previous posts we have talked about the importance of email marketing and how to create email lists in order to grow your business. In this post, we shall take email marketing a step ahead, to inculcate the principles of effective communication management. We know that a business’ online webpage is an interactive dynamic tool which performs various functions. This business intelligence is further supported by email auto-responders that enable continuous contact and follow-up with customers.

The best part is that the required entry is to be submitted/recorded only once! Email auto-responders are therefore your cheat sheet which enables automatic generation of carefully compiled data to the desired email address without any hassle or effort.

An online auto-responder works by sending follow-up emails to your customer in order to encourage repetitive sales. The most powerful perspective associated with this marketing tool is that it allows brand recollection by using a combination of promotional and informational content. As this service is highly cost effectives, companies with limited advertising budgets are also able to expose themselves to the large market online. Existing customers are able to better to relate to the company and its products and are also able to generate word-of-mouth marketing.

Given the usefulness of this tool, auto-responders have grown to become a major constituent of viral marketing. Generation of status reports regarding these emails is also possible which allows companies to identify the areas that require greater focus. We know that for large businesses which boast massive target markets, personal replies to individual emails is practically impossible. The solution? – Email auto-responders that are designed to suit a host of corporate climates and even academic context.

A useful tip is to maintain continuous contact with opinion leaders through such emails, in order to boost the demand for your product.

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