Take Them To School Car Pool #7

Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 4:39 PM By: KSOLO

I'm in my feelings this evening car poolers Light bill came today dated last week lights getting cut off in the a.m. unless I come up with it and I'm a little short you see!

Tears of sorrow thought of what the F%[email protected]# Who should I ask for it. A few months from now I'll be in Turks and Caicos Stamping my passport like I can brag about it.

Work me to the bone and not have a visual of paradise, To get me through all that I have sacrificed.
You probably think my priorities are mixed up, but you have to give to yourself sometimes
Is that too much? I'm gonna see the sun come up in foreign lands for a little motivation.

Current situation I live in the hood. Moved here 2 years ago, and until December It wasn't all good.

Knew God placed me here for a reason. I wanted to learn this lesson Fast so I could step on the petal out this place #MASH on the gas! Never thought I'd make it here,

rap hooks I sang now understood. It took me a year to speak to my neighbor.

I'd nod my head now I speak what's up you good?!

The struggle now we in it together. The movie Women of Brewster place to raise kids it takes a village.

A short lived TV series Harpo production but I feel It's my life now continuous reconstruction.

The story begins with Mattie Michael (Oprah Winfrey) moving in to Brewster Place, a run-down urban tenement. Mattie's life story is told in flashback. As a young girl she lived on a farm with her parents. She was seduced by a local man with a bad reputation, and became pregnant....
After that Mattie left home and stayed with her friend Etta Mae Johnson (Jacke) until her baby, Basil, was born. When Etta Mae decided to move to New York City, Mattie had difficulty finding a decent place to live with Basil. By chance she met an old woman, Miss Eva Turner (Barbara Montgomery) who owned her own house and allowed Mattie and Basil to live with her, refusing to charge them any rent even though Mattie set aside money for rent from every paycheck.... Basil grew up spoiled... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Women_of_Brewster_Place_(TV_miniseries

Our backgrounds don't leave us with much in common. The struggle today that is just about it
I have been to many lands she was born in this shit.
Pardon my french but I woke up today going through it! Don't get me wrong my neighbor that is still my chic!

My son's father he don't pay no type of child support, and I could give two $%#@'s
I wont take him to court! I do need the money but....
My son just called him about his tablet his dad bought
This isn't who wants to be a millionaire, but he is my son's life line.

We call he answer I call that life support.

Jay said
"We was so happy poor but when we got rich That's when our signals got crossed, and we got flipped Rather mine, I don't know what made me leave that shit"

My pillow get wet many night but He can't seem to form them so he titled that,
Song cry

The truth is Money don't and can't make you happy! Lots of people with it not happy. Sure their lights paid but surrounded maybe by a few wanting to take it all away.

George Sherman Hemsley's Jefferson Layed in the morge nearly 4 months
That money you can't take when you go
had his family fighting like the casted for the next reality show.

Happens all the time sitting on the first pew asking for some tissue, like you ain't just show your ass screaming Oh Lord Sherman we miss you!

Broke folks not happy either wishing money would come so life can be lived a little easier.

No amount of money for the rich can bring back their loved ones. Money don't make magic and it won't bring innocent lives home.

When really it is about LOVE and it is about FAITH

LOVE is all we need MJB

Looked up the lyrics almost forgot Mr. Nasir Jones graced this song too with more to inspire you.

"Dealing with tough times Seems to always blow my mind But I know where my heart is so I am fine If we remain friends It would never ever end And this love I give to you you can depend on, love Love is all we need To make every little thing complete Oh, if you would trust in me I'd let you know, that I love...

You know love is all we need To make everything complete I wanna be happy, we can be happy Don't you wanna be happy with me? You and me are 2 in 1 And our love has just begun And we can love, we can love oh we need it

One love, one life Live on, stay strong Live ya life girl..."

I'm So greatful for my upbringing and my family roots. Spoke on my Poppy but I got more for you.

Black Southern Society in the 1960's1970's 80's and 90's too

Two high middle class families joined as one A daughter from poppy and from Grandad came a son.

My grandfather's one is still alive half way almost to age 90.
1963 My grandfather and two others....
Wait wait let me Quote this verbatimly,
but before I do it wasn't undergrad My grand dad got his PhD too!

"Biographies of the Three http://www.sc.edu/desegregation/bios.htm
On Sept. 11, 1963, three courageous students, Robert G. Anderson, Henrie Monteith Treadwell and James L. Solomon Jr., took heroic steps on the University of South Carolina campus to enroll as students. Their legacies continue as they have contributed a lifetime of public service to their communities. Because of these students, the university now boasts a diverse campus made of numerous nationalities, races and ethnicities."

I remember as a kid Nana snapping her green beans watching Young and the Restless who knew 30 years later that would be the words to brand us
Young and the Restless...
Nana preparing for her bridge game weekly with the ladies
She died when I was 6 memories faded.

I know she had a lot of class and style "You Lila Mea grand baby oh child, your grand mother had so much style!"

Back to Jay he was my big brother too.
Let me slow it down gotta paint the mental

"My big brother was Big's brother I'd play my little song in that old back room He would bob his head and say, damn, oh, that's you
But by the Black album I was blacking out Party at S.O.Bs and we had packed the crowd
Big brother got his show up in Madison SquareAnd I'm like yea, yea we gonna be there
But not only did I not get a chance to spit it Carleen told me I could buy two tickets
I guess big brother was thinking a little different Kept little brother at bay, at a distance..."

That was Kanye reminiscin'

So yeah today you got me in another mood...

So what about the rumors?!
it hurts a little even if they true or untrue...

I cry from my own sins so when I'm like that I might put one track on to spin.

"but until that day then I'm the one whose crazy cause that's the way ya making me feel (cause you can't knock the hustle) I'm just trying to get mine, I don't have the time to knock the hustle for real...... taking out this time to give you a piece of my mindbut though you think you are baby one day you'll be a star but until that day then I'm the one whose crazy cause that's the way ya making me feel, I'm just trying to get mine, I don't have the timeto knock the hustle for real"
Ladea dada

I'm not hear to right his wrongs and wrongs his rights,

if he ever got a whiff of this post I'm sure he could still sleep at night, as far as my light bill he could check that off with out his eye sight. Some people gamble and win Big. I never learned how to roll dice.

Weekend trips to Santee the family lake house in the 80's I was raised relating to them Cosby babies.

Had to call grandma she is 82 from that old school hard life surviving and she made it through!
"K its not the outside that makes your home, and you don't get far with out sacrifice"

hmm sounds like another song we have all heard before

"Turnin nothin into somethin, is God work
And you get nothin without struggle and hard work
War is necessary to my niggaz in chains
From Greene to Sing-Sing, I'm wantin y'all to know one thing
The hardest thing is to forgive, but God does"

Put them DOO RAGS on and dance with me to the song.

Damn K I still say to myself sometimes
you fell so far but it made me a woman.

The ones who made me came from nothing and made a lot of something.

At 28 my Uncle made partner at his law firm, my dad works hard, the women all taught from one level to another and those key players
I call my grand dads made history!

so have no worries for me see I know my pedigree!
Gold medalist Jamie Anderson Congrats Miss lady!

You danced to Nas...

"I know I can be where I wanna be if I work hard at it I'll be where I wanna be"

I'm in my feelings you all so...

Nasir F$#@ the grammy's you got The gold metal baby!

Life is what you make it ni%&a, I'ma make it No matter what it takes my n#[email protected]%, we gonna take it(uh)

Light Bill Paid!
Today is a new day!

Slopes we slaying, Hurtles for the jumping, opportunities for the taking!

To be continued...


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