What should be the next Single on the Album #LIFE is GOOD?

Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 4:06 PM By: DJ Wax Kitten

My top three songs would be...in no order:

1. Roses
I love this story telling track.
Nikki Flores on the chorus is magic!

Wow Nas went off on us mix chicks...

Mind reader, can tell she vegan or not when I meet her
Or if she insecure, most are
If she's mixed, a possible psycho alert goes off

Just him telling a true story ...lol or maybe not

2. Cherry Wine

Ok lets start off by saying I'm loving the collab! DOPE!! I'm a Big Amy Winehouse fan!!!
I'm glad that these two got a chance to work together before her unexpected passing. May her soul rest in peace.

Really Fresh and up beat track!!!

3.Reach Out

Man...this track is the Shit!!!
The song is dope!!
Nas married this beat and made it his wife!!
Hands down I hope this is the next single.

Anyone who dj's will be looping this song and mixing it to MaryJ's song I Love You....

  1. D2theJ avatar

    On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 9:17 AM, D2theJ said:

    I think it would be ill if the next single was "A Queens Story" or "Back When" but it will probly be "Cherry Wine" or "You Wouldn't Understand" but the joint w/ Mary j. Blige you picked is likely the calabo is dope but the beat is classic!!! idk so many good choices its hard to choose one!

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