Nas STAYED Strong

Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 6:16 PM By: Tenacity

Music is such a wonderful gift from God. Every now and then an artist touches you with their music that you can never forget. Nas is one of the greatest rappers out their that touches many with the truth, energy, and good vibe through his music. It's rare that one rapper can STAY strong, spiritually, emotionally mentally, physically, and lyrically for so many years in spite of their difficult stages of growing up in a tough neighborhood. That proves how strong of a person Nas truly is. Nas' ambition to turn his struggles, predicaments, and obstacles into success makes me and many others want to do the same and that's something that I will forever hold on to. Thank you Nas from the bottom of my heart. You are loved and adored by many.

STAY Blessed,
Tena Reid

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