WILL Hip Hop stand up to make a GREAT C.H.A.N.G.E. for humanity!

Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 3:58 PM By: LuelRas_MesfinHaile

Hip hop will make the universal C.H.A.N.G.E. 2012!

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Universal C.H.A.N.G.E. - C.hoosing H.umanity A N.ew G.lobal E.conomy!

DISTANT RELATIVES say, ‘THIS generation gotta make the universal political change!

Where there is a spiritual devil (evil spirit – intelligence) with a dual nature of Christ doctrine, then it must also have a human representative (Unholy See) here on earth (193 member nation states) for its physical commercial life;

likewise, where there is a spiritual Elect of God the Menfis Qidus (Holy Spirit – Elect of God’s intelligence) Christological human faith, then its tewahedo (oneness) nature must also have a human manifestation to diplomatically negotiate for divine human rights fate.

If DAMION MARLEY an NAS is calling for the political change (Choosing Humanity A New Global Economy), and that don’t seem too strange,
then lets politically unite, and strip these Jesuits of their global commerce game.

For two Jesuit commercial thieves will never mutually or politically agree, like the Jesuit General and the pope of the Unholy See;
but the voice of humanity, will not always get played,
for when we invoke the spirit (intelligence) of universal human rights,
we will all be diplomatically saved.

Rich an poor alike will survive this global intellectual Jesuit scheme,
and together in political unity we will diplomatically rise a debt free UN Planetary dream, the American government corporation might have a black president, but we cannot mistake his actions as being heaven (Ethiopia) sent.

If he works for Jesuit bankers, and conform to the white house paying FED rent, how can we trust him in a position, where he has NO authority to be well spent.

We must raise up an intellectual cultural evolution for all human minds, to END IMF globalization policies, and make all forms of Supremacy an international crime.

The sovereign voice of the American people is truly heaven (Ethiopia) sent, as ONLY it can resurrect American GREENBACKS,
and send these Jesuits on an indefinitly everlasting lent (fast).

We all can equally take credit, with sincere smiles on our face.
And reclaim sacred trust, so we can be destined in our human race.

Now we can dismiss Jesuit Supremacy an rejoice in human rights faith,
while being diplomatically guided to politically correct our own commercial mistakes.

So let us give thanks and praise the king (private diplomat) of Commerce today, Iyesus Kristos (Jesus Christ) the one and only, universal human rights way

Great and fear inspiring is his compassion for international justice (just action) is He, to diplomatically destroy unrighteous Jesuit Supremacy doctrines that cause humanity mental dis-ease.

Whoever said humanity can’t internationally claim our inherent human rights, to diplomatically live a productive human l.i.f.e (living in full equality)?

Or whoever said humanity can’t REPENT to obey the divine covenant (UN charter), and stand up for equality in Jesuit global commerce of repugnance?

See even humanity’s own commercial errors, and inability to diplomatically choose, can be properly corrected with human rights edification, and the tewahedo (oneness) view.

No Jesuit supremacy doctrine can ever really steal a human spirit (intelligence), it can politically blind, and fool the minds of those who continue to fear it, (irrelevant).

Jesuit supremacy indoctrination is bearing much commercial fruit (534 trillion dollar world debt), but the P.o.p.e’s (politically oppressive people enemy) interest ONLY is what these Jesuits have as truth.

Fundamental equality offered to all humanity,
will make everyone get involved to escape this insanity,
We must enable our human race to stand dignified and tall,
so we may determine our own human fate in our Elect of God.

For without anymore global Jesuit IMF immoral corruption,
and without the spirit (intelligence) of human self destruction,
we can rise up the King’s Utopian international dream,
and all humanity can depose these crooked Jesuit bankers as a team

A Nazi German pope claiming to be Vicar (stand in) of Christ,
is the Apostate we must REPENT from, in his own name of Jesus Christ.

But an Ethiopian Messiah fighting for international human l.i.f.e,
must be accepted in the name of Negus, our Ethiopian Zeitgeist (spirit of the Age).

Help us fulfil Ethiopian Prophecy by self interpreting our Elect of God’s will (UN charter), and just as Jonah was thrown into the sea of commerce, this global financial tsunami too, will be still.

For MANY developed ‘bankrupt’ nation states that are commercially first today, will be politically last tomorrow; and MANY developing ‘bankrupt’ nation states that are politically last, will be diplomatically first today.

But all humanity will be politically atoned for with a new sprit (intelligence) in the air (atmosphere), of fundamental equality with mutual kindness and human care.

Mark 6:51-52
51 And Iyesus got up into the boat (global commerce) with them (humanity), and the wind (evil Jesuit intelligence) abated. At this they were very much amazed within themselves, 52 for they had not grasped the meaning of the loaves (redemption doctrine), but their hearts continued dull of human rights understanding.

Genesis 26:27-29
27 At this Isaac (Abuna Yesehaq) said to them: “Why have YOU come to me (EOT Faith of Church an State), seeing that YOU western Christians yourselves hated me and so sent me away from YOUR neighbourhood (spiritual jurisdiction of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Faith in the Western Hemisphere an Southern Africa?”

28 To this they said: “We have unmistakably seen that Abba Jahnoy (Father Majesty) has diplomatically proved to be with you. Hence we said, ‘Let, please, an oath of human rights obligation occur between us, between all human beings and you, and let us conclude a human rights covenant with you, 29 that you will do nothing morally bad toward humanity just as we have not touched you and just as we have done only good toward you in that we will send you away to the UN in Geneva in peace, with universal love (obey UN law of Equality). You now are the blessed of Abba Jahnoy today in 2012.’”

We pledge of allegiance to the whole human race
So vote for a human rights solution, and put food on humanity’s plate
We must intellectually challenge UN Planetary director who state
No one can enter the New World Jesuit UN Planetary Supremacy Order, without a sadistic lucefarian faith

Human beings may commit wicked commercial acts, but they do not praise Jesuit evils, So with human rights knowledge in private diplomacy, we will all crave to be politically free an diplomatically equal.

Its time to politically OUST these crooked an evil Jesuit men under the p.o.p.e, and diplomatically rise our Ethiopia Messiah in Christ, humanity’s universal hope!

We can use hip hop to express humanity’s global political discontent,
so these Jesuits may flip flop, for this wicked IMF system that they alone had invent

Numbers 30:1-2
1 Then Moses (he who draws out) spoke to the heads of the tribes of the sons of Israel (those who diplomatically conquer today), saying: “This is the word (UN charter) that Abba Jahnoy has commanded all humanty:

2 In case a man makes a human rights vow to Abba Jahnoy or swears an oath to bind a spiritual vow of abstinence (celibate unto the Lord) upon his soul (spirit an flesh), he must not violate his word (UN charter). According to all that has gone out of his own mouth he should do.

Acts 2:29-36
29 “Men, women, it is allowable to speak with freeness of speech to all humanity concerning the family head Dawit (David), that he both deceased and was buried and his tomb is among us to this day in Ethiopia.
30 Therefore, because he was a Ethiopian prophet and knew that Elect of God in Ethiopia had sworn to him with an oath that he would seat one from the fruitage of his loins upon his throne, 31 he saw beforehand and spoke concerning the diplomatic resurrection of the Christ (the Anointed One of Ethiopia), that neither was he forsaken in Ha´des (commercial hell on earth – 193 member nation states) nor did his flesh (political status) see immoral IMF Jesuit corruption.

32 This Iyesus is humanity’s Elect of God who have diplomatically resurrected today (2012), of which fact we are all political witnesses. 33 Therefore because he must be exalted to the diplomatic right hand of Elect of God in Ethiopia and must receive the promised Menfis Qidus – Holy Spirit (Elect of God’s intelligence) from the Father (Abba), he is pouring out this human rights divine covenant (UN charter) which humanity see and hear online today.

34 Actually Dawit (David) did not have to politically ascend to the heavens (Ethiopia), but he himself says, ‘Abba Jahnoy said to my Lord Iyesus Kristos: “Sit at my diplomatic right hand, 35 so we can place your Jesuit enemies as a stool for humanity’s feet.”’

36 Therefore let all the house (United Nations) of Israel (one who diplomatically conquers) know for a certainty that Elect of God in Ethiopia made His Imperial Majesty both the Lord Abba Jahnoy (Father Majesty) and Christ (the Anointed One of Ethiopia), this Iyesus (Jesus) whom YOU spiritually 9intellectually) impaled for global Jesuit Supremacy indoctrination in global commerce today.”

Hebrews 7:1-28

1 For this Mel•chiz´e•dek, king (private diplomat) of Sa´lem (peace), priest of the Most High Elect of God in Ethiopia, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him 2 and to whom Abraham (father of many nations) apportioned a tenth from all things, is first of all, by translation, “King of Righteousness – legal an lawful uprightness,” and is then also king of Sa´lem, that is, “King of Peace.”
3 In being fatherless (without human guide), motherless (without churchical leaders), without genealogy (royal birth), having a beginning of days in the garden of Eden, and an end of diplomatic l.i.f.e in Addis Ababa (new flower), and having been spiritually (intellectually) self made like the Son of Elect of God in Ethiopia, he remains a Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo high priest perpetually.

4 BEHOLD, then, how great this man was to whom Abraham, the family head, gave a tenth out of the chief spoils. 5 True, the men from the sons of Le´vi who receive their priestly office have a commandment to collect tithes from the people according to the Law, that is, from their brothers, even if these have issued from the loins of Abraham; 6 but the man who did not trace his genealogy from them took tithes from Abraham and blessed him who had the promises.

7 Now without any dispute, the less is blessed by the greater. 8 And in the one case it is Jesuit men who are commercially lying that receive unlawful taxes, but in the other case it is someone of whom it is witnessed that the Menfis Qidus (Holy Spirit) diplomatically lives in human flesh.

9 And, if we may use the expression, through Abraham even Le´vi who receives tithes has paid tithes, 10 for he was still in the loins of his forefather when Mel•chiz´e•dek (Kings of Righteousness – Emperors of Ethiopia – true line of Christ) met him.

11 If, then, human perfection were really through the Levitical priesthood, (for with it as a feature the people were given the human rights Law,) what further need would there be for another Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo high priest to diplomatically arise according to the manner of Mel•chiz´e•dek (Kings of Righteousness – Emperors of Ethiopia – true line of Christ) and not said to be according to the manner of Aaron?

12 For since the priesthood is being politically changed by Jesuits, there comes to be of necessity a change also of the law of global commerce. 13 For the Jesuit General respecting whom these Catholic things are said has been a member of another tribe, from which no one has officiated at the altar in Ethiopia. 14 But it is quite plain and crystal clear today, that our Lord Abba Jahnoy has sprung up out of Judah (he who finds Israel), a tribe about which Moses (he who draws out) spoke nothing concerning priests.

15 And it is still more abundantly clear that with a similarity to Mel•chiz´e•dek (Kings of Righteousness – Emperors of Ethiopia – true line of Christ) there diplomatically arises another Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo high priest, 16 who has become such, not according to the constitutional law of a human commandment depending upon the flesh (political status), but according to the sovereign (politically free) power (knowledge) of an indestructible diplomatic life, 17 for in diplomatic witness it is said: “You are a Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo high priest forever according to the manner of Mel•chiz´e•dek (Kings of Righteousness – Emperors of Ethiopia – true line of Christ).”

18 Certainly, then, there occurs a setting aside of the preceding constitutional commandment on account of its commercial weakness and political ineffectiveness. 19 For the human rights international Law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in besides of a better hope in an Ethiopian Christ did, through which we are drawing near to Elect of God in Ethiopia.

20 Also, to the extent that it was not without a sworn oath, 21 (for there are indeed Jesuit men that have become Catholic priests without a sworn oath, but there is one with an oath sworn by the One in Ethiopia who said respecting him: “Abba Jahnoy has sworn (and he will feel no regret), ‘You are a Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo high priest forever,’”) 22 to that extent also, Iyesus has become the one given in a universal diplomatic pledge for a better human rights covenant today.
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23 Furthermore, many had to become E.O T. Christians priests [in succession] because of being prevented by death (IMF debtor status) from continuing as such, 24 but he, because of continuing diplomatically alive forever, has his Orthodox priesthood without any Jesuit successors, in Ethiopia.

25 Consequently he is politically able also to diplomatically save completely those who are approaching Elect of God in Ethiopia through His Imperial Majesty’s divine covenant (UN charter) of fundamental equality for all, because he is always diplomatically alive to plead for humanity.

26 For such a Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo high priest as this was suitable for humanity, loyal, guileless, undefiled, separated from the Jesuit sinners (transgressors of UN law of Equality), and become higher than the heavens (Ethiopia).

27 He does not need daily, as those Jesuit high priests do, to offer up political sacrifices, first for his own commercial sins (transgressions against UN law) and then for those of all humanity: (for this he did once for all time when he diplomatically offered himself up to the UN treaty organization in Geneva;) 28 for the universal human rights Law appoints Jesuit men as Catholic high priests having Jesuit weakness, but the word (UN charter) of the sworn oath that came after the human rights Law had been administered, diplomatically appoints a divine Son, who is perfected under international human rights law forever

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