Park @14th

Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 10:01 PM By: Loves Chemist

After attending this concert I've decided that I would like to attend the Nov. 4th concert with Nasir and Lauryn in performance.

The Park At Fourteenth has 4 levels and all levels were packed on this night. I was able to see Mr. Nasir up close and get the full effect of the performance and he did a great job. The crowd was feelling him (I mean real DC natives have always supported Nasir to the fullest anyways). I know the performance with him and Lauryn will be no different.

Upon exiting club Park I was invited to go to VIP to meet Mr. Nasir, I agreed, and me being a very reserved woman who doesn't wear make-up etc. never expected to get anything but a hand shake from my favorite MC saying "hello nice to meet you." However to my surprise upon meeting him something caught my eye. He was very quiet and relaxed in his demeanor but on his face was a light that came only from within. I knew then that the cool chill I felt through out his performance was not a pumping AC. I knew that God was with him and in him. I appreciated him more at that moment and I still do. I now know why his lyrics seem to always be filled with oxygen to me. I also realized why every album is relative and accepted by the multitudes.

I truly appreciate this brother, he is no longer my favorite MC to me but a man of God. Chosen. His lyrics and albums will definitely continue to fill my home. I hope in faith for much encouragement to fill him that he may continually have courage and boldness to speak through his lyrics all that God puts on his heart. I Am, we are, listening.

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