Journeying Up...Small Steps

Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 9:35 PM By: Loves Chemist

So, I guess I will use this blog to vent cause nobody knows Im on this site hm... and I like it that way. You know, hiding in plain sight.

Recently, I had a life altering revelation that I am not happy with just living my life as I see fit. So I prayed, sincerely, and God showed me to go into the medical field after Ive been in Finance for 10 years. What a big change. Ive always had a knack for healing people and herbs and alternative medicine. Following His directions havent been easy though but Im positive that things will get better. There are so many hurdles and I started to cry out to Him for help and He has made me feel more secure about taking this step.

I am happy to say that I have forsaken a path of my own understanding with influence of others and have completely dedicated myself to following Gods Will as he has given it to me. Its not easy but its more rewarding. Its not glamorous but it is miraculous and Im interested in miracles. Ive answered Gods calling and I embrace the challenge that come with it.

Also, Ive been single a while now. Its different. Its enlightening. Ive been in relationships so long its like I lost parts of myself to those people and picked up parts of them. It feels good to get back to me and who I am, no additives, I feel rejuvinated and happy. Spiritual Gurus say we have so much baggage in our subconscious to let go of from past lifetimes. So many things in this lifetime to learn and overcome. Well, I can say Ive actually done a lot of that. Lately, Ive been hearing Gods voice more clearly and He has taught me what to expect of a man that I get into a relationship with from now on. Its like Ive been dating Him LOL, if that makes sense. I realize that God provides for me totally and always uses a human being to show me a little extra. Like the other day a man I dont know bought me a dozen roses (with no strings attached, he didn't even ask my name) my spirit was like Thank your Father (which i did immediately), and recently my instinct told me to get off the train at the mall and when I got there Victoria Secret was having a 75% off sale (which was good for my budget, but of course God knew that) and I heard a voice say pick out what you want. Afterwards I heard a voice said this is what a man must do for you, God pays your rent and provides for your home. Make sure the man you choose can do that as well. Dont settle for the first handsome man anymore.

Those are just little things that God knows I love that He does to make me feel special when I dont. I love my Father. I truly do. I ask myself sometimes, does He just want me all to Himself? Ha ha ha, funny right? He does, I know it. Whatever man He gives me to, he is going to have to be special and full of Gods light and love. Not a church boy but a man after Gods own heart, on his path that God showed him with no apologies. I would love a man like that.

Until next time - I Am, I Can, I Will!

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