Stop the Violence with Unity!

Mon, May 13, 2013 at 3:57 PM By: Q

We're living in times
That are strange
Bombings in Boston
Killings in Chicago
Massacre Shooting
on Mothers Day
Thats the
New Orleans way
Streets paved with blood
Filled with death
and despair
Sounds like a place
We can call
Poisoned by potato chips
And dips
Corn syrup
And toxic lotions
And deodorants
There's a stench
And it's reeks
Of social engineering
Poverty minus education
Equals crime
And mass murders
And rapes and hate
Of self and whoever else
Looks like me
Cause daddy gone
Mama at work
And I'm home alone
No food or desert
Just hurt and anger
And bitterness
Cause when they talk
They fightin
Mama say its the system
I don't care cause I miss 'um
As a family
Like we used to be
So lets get back to family
And BE
Come one again
And stop the violence.

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