Many critics have called I Am... one of Nas's weakest efforts however i disagree. I believe it has a nice mix between Illmatic znd It Was Written with notable tracks like "NY State of Mind Pt. 2" "Small World" "We Will Survive" "Hate Me Now" etc. Remember the album was supposed to be called I Am...The Autobiography as a double disc, so we will never know how amazing that album could of been if it never leaked. I just feel Nas got a lot of backlash for an album that didnt deserve it(i dont think any of his albums derserve that in my opinion). Whats ur opinion though. I want u to be free to share and express ur opinion!

  1. DbQueensGodson avatar

    On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 6:59 PM, DbQueensGodson said:

    Honestly, I Am.....was underrated commercially and by the media...however the streets loved it....I think it was a much more of a growth album for Nas...You get that feeling right from the start during the Intro.....NY State of Mind Part 2 is his new and resurrected mind state.....Hate Me Now is self explanatory, I remember when that dropped Flex kept on using the bomb sound over and over again and kept on playing it.....Small World is a lyrical masterpiece and story telling....Favor 4 A Favor is Nas doing his best work with Scarface...........We Will Survive is deep....Ghetto Prisoners is Nas using his clever mind....You Wont See Me Tonight was for the radio.....I Want To Talk You is a classic and went over mad heads......Dr. Knockboots is has an old school feel.....Life Is What You Make It has Nas amd X doing their thing...Nas has a great verse on that.....Big Things is the weakest song but has clever word play .......Nas is Like is classic N and Premo.......KISSING is smooth Nas over R.......Money is My Bitch is a clever concept song....Undying Love is CLASSIC stoytelling........I Am is a great album not his best cause we all know Illmatic is that but it is Nas doing lyrical arcobats on all of us growing as an emcee..I love the album and bang it on a regular ...Nas has always stayed true ...every song every album....

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    On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 5:59 PM, bravebird973 said:

    I Am was a bit underrated. "Nas is Like" now that song reminds me of The Don' but #tighter. You know how it is when a rapper and I quote starts getting deeper how some think that they have veered off because they don't understand hip hop. I'm sure Nas would say his style didn't change at all but he grew. His spirit has remained the same along with his lyrical flow and he has evolved. He hasn't changed a bit. He's better within himself..

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    On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 8:16 AM, Favyana Nurayea said:

    In looking at it from a Poetic stand point? Lyrically He never lost a step. Criticism is a small price to pay, Especially when always staying true to ones self is the agenda.

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    On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 8:08 AM, Favyana Nurayea said:

    In looking at it from a poetic Stand point? His Poetry/Talent/creativity, was as strong as it ever was..... Lyrically He never lost a step. Criticism is a small price to pay really, when determination to stay true to ones self is the agenda.

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