Together We Can Make Millions In Residual Income Via Email & Event Planning‏‏‏

Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 9:10 PM By: KD

Financial Projections:
Earning Potential $462,500= 100 Patrons/Fans earning 100% Commission (attending your events) X $4625 earning potential per patron/fans (cross marketing EN with your current platform)
Empower The People Proposal
You know the drill. You plan a righteous event!
You send out mass messaging about how fantastic the event is!
You have the event!
You get pumped about the massive response!
Then off to the next event!

It's time to take control of your events and empower your fans. More than a single episode of your events should be surrounded by a lifecycle of interactive experiences throughout your client relationships.

It's time to be accountable. Set goals, collect key data, follow up and scale our success. You are being offered the opportunity to make your experiences more valuable by allowing your audience to take equity in growing the events.
Empower Network injects your events with Social Experience Juice.

We build your client database into social platforms (blogs, personal development, video content, autoresponders & affiliate compensation) that allow you to effectively manage and scale up the success of your events.

Understanding what attracts and motivates your audience is only part of the solution.

Turning them into advocates and lifetime partners relies upon us providing a recurring entertainment event, them paying admission & activating the merchant account and then them bringing others.

At Empower Network, we understand how to effectively leverage and integrate all of your marketing channels to encourage brand interaction at the right time and through the right medium. Our Experiential Event programs support our clients' business initiatives by delivering ideas, strategies and tactics that inspire people to raise their hand, participate in dialogue, spur engagement and monetize your brand.
Kareem Henderson the visionary is embarking on a mission to effectuate change in thousands of working class people's lives in the next 90-120 days.

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